A new way to startup.

Loomic Labs is a decentralized blockchain driven incubator for next-generation technological innovation before product/market fit. We are building a new tech startup operating system.

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    Incubators should not be limited to one geographic area or country. Just as with blockchain there are no borders to innovation and great ideas.

    Foster Innovation

    Provide budding entrepreneurs with the tools they need and access to thought leaders across tech to help vet and turn their ideas into reality.

    Tools Needed

    Provide not just the human capital but the tools needed to be successful. From cloud hosting to internal tools and infrastructure.

    Build Teams

    We help founders round out their teams to build their projects. With access to hundreds of highly skilled developers, marketers, and other vital roles.

    Provide Funding

    We not only help with seed funding your project we also help build relationships with traditional accredited investors and VC firms.

    ICO Assistance

    If the company goes the ICO route to acquire additional funding we have experts on hand to help take your MVP to the next level. With legal and operational support.

    Company Growth

    With our hands-on approach, we help your startup to grow to its fullest potential even after initial funding and MVP stages. Our relationship lasts the life of your company.

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